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Last Updated: Jan 17, 2018 03:22PM PST
Acid Attack
"Deal 1 extra damage each turn (even when you don't otherwise attack)."
This card activates as soon as it is purchased and is applicable only on the turn of the player who owns the card. Additionally, this card doesn't affect entering or leaving Tokyo. Only Attacking someone (with dice) affects the King of Tokyo.

Alien Metabolism
"Buying cards costs you 1 less energy."
This card applies to the 3 available cards in the pool and also other players' cards if you own Parasitic Tentacles.

Eater of the Dead
"Gain 3 stars every time a monster's health goes to 0."
If a player is revived by It Has a Child, this card still activates.

Even Bigger
"Your maximum health is increased by 2. Gain 2 <3 when you get this card."
You gain 2 <3 on your health wheel immediately. You start with a maximum health of 10 and this card increased that to 12. No monster in any case can have health above 12.

Fire Breathing
"Your neighbors take 1 extra damage when you deal damage."
This card activates when attacking with dice and dealing damage with cards. This card only affects active players sitting directly to the card-owner's left and right, and does not discriminate between who is/not in Tokyo. So as an example, here's a mock game: Player 1 (out of Tokyo), Player 2 (out of Tokyo & owner of Fire Breathing), and Player 3 (in Tokyo). Player 2 would attack Player 3 and then the card would activate, dealing an additional damage to Player 3 and also one to Player 1.

Healing Ray
"You can heal other monsters with your <3 results. They must pay you 2 energy for each damage you heal (or their remaining energy if they don't have enough)."
Monsters cannot refuse to be healed and must pay you the two energy per health you healed.

Kraken - Mandibles of Dread
"Monsters that wound you with [claw] lose 1 [star]."
In the new edition of KOT: Power Up, this card has the same text as Gigazaur's Heat Vision. The card text should actually read: "Monsters you wound with your [claw] lose 1 [star]."

Made in a Lab
"When purchasing cards you can peek at and purchase the top card of the deck."
This card does not require you to purchase a card before activating the card text. It simply means that during the card purchasing phase, you may activate Made in a Lab to look at the top card of the deck, and purchase it if you like.

Monster Batteries
"When you purchase Monster Batteries, put as many energy as you want on it from your reserve. Match this from the bank. At the start of each turn take 2 energy off and add them to your reserve. When there are no energy left discard this card."
If this card is bought by another player, the energy on the card is removed and the new owner of the card places their own energy on the card.

"Once each turn you can score 123 for 2 stars. You can also use these dice in other combinations."
When you roll 123, you receive two stars. This card text activates after the reroll phase is over.

Plot Twist
"Change one die to any result. Discard when used."
This can be used for an opponent's die as well.

Poison Spit
"When you deal damage to Monsters, give them a poison counter. Monsters take 1 damage for each poison counter they have at the end of their turn."
Opponent monsters are given only one poison counter during an attack. Even if you roll 3 claws, the other monster only receives one counter. Additionally, counters may be given when a card effect deals damage. These counters stay in play even if the card is removed.

Psychic Probe
"You can reroll a die of each other monster once each turn. If the reroll is <3 discard this card."
Once during each other player's turn, you may reroll one of their dice. Since this is a KEEP card, this effect is applied for the rest of the game and happens on every player's turn.
  • If your opponent has Giant Brain, they can use all four rerolls, but you still only activate Psychic Probe once during their turn.
Pandakai - Pandarwinism Survival of the Cutest
"Gain 1 star for 3 <3, plus 1 extra star for each extra <3. You still gain the other benefits associated with <3."
This card allows you to gain stars for the hearts you roll, and also use them for healing. However, you may not use hearts for healing while in Tokyo.

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