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Scoring the Dragon (Quests board)

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2018 10:32AM PDT
Q: In the game, Medieval Academy, how is the dragon scored? It wasn't quite clear to me in the rules.

A: The dragon is the Quests board. It is scored only at the end of the game (after round 6, as indicated by the Roman numeral VI on the scroll in the upper left). At this time, the player the farthest along on the track gets the 17 point marker, the second place gets the 10 point marker and only in a 4 player game does third place get the 4 points marker. Ties are decided in the usual fashion.
Please note: Any player who has not moved from the start space on this board (or any of the boards where positive value points are awarded) cannot score any points on that board. So if somehow, all players never move from the start space, no one gets any points from that board.
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