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"Dealing" damage, taking damage, and losing hearts

Jason Jun 30, 2018 08:58PM PDT

1. Is losing hearts the same as taking damage? The older editions of the game was more explicit about damage but I think the newer editions have replaced "damage" with "lose heart" (picture of heart) and this is bringing up some arguments about technicalities with a combination of an older base game and a newer expansion.

2. We play with a distinction of "taking damage" not being the same as being "dealt damage" (from another player). This comes into effect for things such as poison spit, where the person taking damage only gains a poison counter if the damage is being dealt from the monster with poison spit. For instance, Fire Blast explicitly says "deal 2 damage", so when a monster with poison spit purchases it, that monster is the one dealing 2 damage and thus Poison spit procs. If a monster with Poison spit purchases high altitude bombing, a Poison counter is NOT handed out to anyone because the card does not say "deal", but rather all monsters "take" 3 damage. Is this the correct way to play?

3. Assuming that #2 is the corect way to play and that losing a heart is the same as "damage", Kong (from King of New York) has a King of Tokyo evo called Iron Curtain. The text reads: "Other Monsters who yield Tokyo lose 1 heart."
Does this damage count as being dealt from Kong, since it's his evo?

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Alexia Kraft de la Saulx Jul 10, 2018 10:20AM PDT IELLO Agent
Dear Jason,

Here are your answers for the game King of Tokyo : There's no consistant wording in the first editions of our King of products. The only important distinction is whether the heart loss come from the resolution of Claws during Resolve Dice step or from anything else. Cards like poison spit (and any card than mention damages being dealt) only trigger with the resolution of Claws.
The best way to answer question is to check the card wording of the latest version, it's much clearer.
We made a new update on wording for future prints : "hurt" become a keyword. Being hurt means losing life because of the resolution of Claws of a Monster. For the specific case of Kong evolution, it doesn't trigger anything (no Claws involved).

Thank you for your patience,

Alexia Kraft de la Saulx
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